"The Queer B.I.G"

   Billy Dean Thomas
Olivia McClendon aka Billy Dean Thomas  is a musician, rapper, visual artist and creative entrepreneur. Born and raised in Harlem, her musical career began at the age of 8 playing congas in an Afro Caribbean  percussive ensemble. Her style and musical predilections range from  The Notorius B.I.G to Mozart.
BIlly Dean identifies as a "Boi" and discusses this part of her identity throughout her music. The nickname  "The Queer B.I.G"  came from her queer identity meshed with the effortless swag of rhyming like B.I.G , being From NYC and being the physically bigger rapper in the room.  Although this is a huge statement to make Billy Dean sticks by it firmly while simultaneously being Female bodied and  masculine presenting, challenging every aspect of the male dominated space that is Hip Hop. 
Billy graduated from Smith College in 2014 and after graduation decided to stay in Massachusetts to  perform music accompaniment for the play For Colored Girls; was a featured artist in an MFA thesis piece called Blue Ridge to the Bronx merging Appalachian dance styles and hip hop and she also performed at local venues in New England Such as the Iron Horse.  
Billy Dean Thomas was featured on ABC's "The View" morning Show as a portion of Rosie Perez's favorite thing of the week!  
Due to her successes Billy has begun organizing herself a National tour! If you would like to support Billy Dean's Musical Journey please donate by clicking the link below.  
   Billy Dean & The Honor Roll
After performing shows around the country it was only fate that brought Billy and The Honor Roll Together. The Honor Roll featuring Josh Spears(bass), Derek Rice (Keys) and Jake Mayers (Drums) began when the bassist and Billy did an impromptu performance a few years ago at a Smith College house. Since then they have briefly kept in touch and always wanted to collaborate. Josh informed Billy that whenever she was in town she always had a bass player and 2 other great musicians from the area would also love to make music with her as well. Fast forward to a year later Billy has a performance in town and they organize a meeting so that they can all meet face to face.  5 hours later they performed their first show after meeting that day! It was pure magic and The rest is history! They are working on a new project to be recorded this January and will be performing all throughout new england.